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The Short Version

In 3 Steps you can begin accepting Credit/Debit Card payments online without needing a Web Developer or even a website.

Step 1. Sign up - it's FREE!. We'll send you an email with a CONNECT button.

Step 2. CONNECT your new or existing Stripe Account to the service. (New Accounts take <5 mins).

Step 3. Once we've set you up we'll email you a link - now you can accept Live Card Payments straight 'into' your Stripe Account. e.g https://demo.quickpay365.com/

That's it!

Collect payments on your Phone/Tablet or via Email or via Social Media!


See our FAQ for further information or check out the [LIVE DEMO]

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The Longer Version

Shortly after you sign up you will be issued with a personalised Payments address/page which you can use to collect payments from your Customers and Clients. This simple and secured payment system accepts most popular Credit and Debit Cards and implements the latest encryption technology with real-time security monitoring and fraud prevention to ensure your card information and transactions are strongly encrypted and secured at all times.

In fact Customers can pay you directly at your Payments Page without ever revealing their Card information to you which dramatically improves security for both parties!

quickpay365 works on virtually any internet enabled platform and supports the latest security technologies and encryption methods.

Security and User Experience are at the forefront of our platform and influence every aspect of the quickpay365 service.

The freedom to accept payments securely and easily any time, anywhere and from anyone is just a few clicks away!

Collect payments on your Phone/Tablet or via Email or even on Social Media! GET PAID • NOW

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Sample uses for quickpay365

  • On-site Payments
  • Phone Sales
  • Online Payments
  • Deposits
  • Functions
  • Conventions
  • Stalls
  • Festivals
  • Expos
  • Mobile Sales
  • Promotions
  • High Volume
  • Queues
  • Failover